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Custom Element 3D Flag

Envato Projects 2013

Custom Element 3D Flag is a After Effects project that you can make your own wavy, loop animated realistic flags in an angle, size or position which you wish. Just drop your own flag or ready-to-use country flag and your animated 3D flag ready!

Flags are Element 3D objects. That means you can do everything with these flags. You can use it in After Effects 3D space with camera, light etc.

Its features;

  • Element 3D object
  • Two type of flag wave (Regular wave and Windy wave)
  • Loop animated
  • Full customizable
  • 282 Country and States Flags Bonus!
  • 4500Ă—3000 Resolution Flag textures
  • Video tutorial is included
  • Only Element 3D plugin needed!

You can download this project from;

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  • Envato


  • After effects
  • Element 3D
  • photoshop